Voice Calls:

Voice call is an integrated division of our digital marketing services in India. We maintain the infrastructure using VoIP systems and send out hundreds of calls per day with high percentage of success because we target specific customers instead of broadcasting calls to make up the numbers.


We have a complete set up for the cold calling process. This includes a list of telephone numbers divided into specific categories. Our VoIP system automatically assigns lists to various telecallers who initiate calls and the system records such calls, maintains logs and keeps track of responses. Telecallers are trained and professional to handle the system and initiate contact with potential customers in an engaging way.

Modular services:

Outsource your telemarketing to us knowing we will deliver results at affordable rates. This is due to our modular packages mode of implementation. We can make it an ongoing process or take on seasonal voice call services to help you out when you are conducting campaigns or product launches.

Voice call is the best and most direct way to reach out to potential customers and engage them on the spot. We do it in a refined and sophisticated way that does not cause any unpleasantness and leaves behind a positive experience for targets. Get in touch with us to know how we can help you grow with voice call services.

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