Bulk SMS:

Virtually everyone makes use of a phone these days. Whether it is a smartphone or a feature phone, each type has SMS capability. It is this very feature and that millions of people usually read SMS messages that make this one of the best avenues for marketing. As prime marketing company in India we offer bulk SMS to reach out to a huge potential customer base.

SMS design:

Success of any SMS campaign depends on the contents. Contents need to be short, crisp, engaging and motivating. Our content developers come up with catchy and engaging content elicits immediate responses. When we develop content we keep in mind target audience and mould the content accordingly, whether it is in Hindi, English or any regional language.

Geographic targeting:

Sending out SMS without being discriminating in the choice of targets is a wasteful exercise. In order to achieve maximum responses we segregate phone numbers according to geographic location and profile of users and then develop a list that is used for bulk SMS using our sophisticated software that tracks broadcasts and responses of targets.

Our bulk SMS services are affordable, modular and help you reach out directly to potential customers on a one to one basis, the cheapest and most effective system you should try.

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