Bulk messaging is one of the most popular forms of marketing in nations such as India, the population of which is heavily dependant on their mobile phones for communication, awareness, and entertainment. Bulk messaging services are widely being provided across different places all over India. But the only difference here is in the quality of services being provided. Not all companies are able to provide with that level of satisfactory results. While some companies can others might not be able to keep their promise. Hiring the Best Bulk SMS Service In Delhi is one of the best ways to market your product.

The Advent Of Bulk Messaging

Bulk messaging services are indeed very convenient for any and all entrepreneurs who just wish to be able to market a product or service without much interference and or incompetence. A bulk SMS connects the concept of present technology with ideas that are much older than recent, allowing the actual product marketing to be very effective at what it does. A bulk SMS can be easily deployed with the least amount of human interference and incompetence. All of the Best Bulk SMS Service Provider In Delhi NCR are very popular, as bulk messaging is one of the most popular forms of marketing in India.

How is the Magic Done?

While the concept of bulk messaging can sound complicated the most people who are not involved with the technological or IT industry, in reality, it is not so difficult to decipher. A Bulk SMS Service Provider In West Delhi uses a desktop that has the SMS web platform Installed on it for the deployment of bulk messages, that are sent out to more than a hundred mobile phone numbers at once.

One of the earliest methods for bulk messaging was Easy Messaging, where a small workforce was employed to send out messages to mobile phones of the targeted audience, one individual at a time. Although this was fairly fast, it was not very cost-saving, or time efficient, and the idea was soon abandoned, though the concept was adapted to grow into more complex ways of communication and marketing.

The Modern Way- Transactional and Marketing Messages

Another type of bulk SMS messaging is the ever popular marketing messages. These come with six character numbers, signifying that they were marketing messages,that tend to promote a particular product or service rendered by a company or a corporation. The Cheapest Bulk SMS Service Provider In Delhi uses desktops or laptops with a lot of pre-installed RAM (required for processing power), that is able to send out bulk messages to more than a 100 numbers at a time. This has been proven to be one of the most efficient ways to send out bulk messages, whether one is talking about marketing messages, awareness messages or even surprise offers.

What Platforms Is The Magic Done On?

The Best Bulk SMS Service Provider In Delhi uses desktops or laptops that come with a lot of RAM. This is because the computer which is used for this purpose must be able to have a lot of processing power, as they are required to send bulk messages to hundreds of mobile phone numbers at a single time. Most of these desktops on laptop use specific programs which enable them to send a huge quantity of messages to a large list of mobile phone numbers. While a large number of applications are available for this very purpose, there are some favorites that are used by almost all the bulk messaging service providers in the world. Some of these favorites are :

  • File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
  • Short Message Peer to Peer (SMPP)
  • Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)
  • Email