Employing direct routes for sending SMS strongly affects the quality of service. Direct routes have much higher delivery ratios, that is, the message always reaches the recipient. They are also better in terms of latency: SMS reach the recipient more quickly. For direct routes, you can contact Bulk SMS services in Delhi.

However, when direct routes are not used by operators, messages can take many minutes, even hours, to reach the destination cell phone. Sometimes, if the route is of poor quality and is not ready for mass SMS , it is cut off by the operator and the messages never arrive. These routes are used by companies that carry out mass non-consensual advertising (SPAM). This can cause the operator to disable those routes and cut the service to all the clients that use them, even if they do not send SPAM.

Therefore, using direct routes through Bulk SMS company in Delhi, saves money, since SMS reaches its destination. However indirect routes, even if they are cheaper, entail a loss of money for a non-existent service.

Sending SMS to cellular operators in India through Bulk SMS service provider in Delhi

We offer SMS to India with direct route to all the main market operators in India.

With a single account you can send messages to all countries, although the cost will be different for each one. You can check here the costs of each country to buy SMS .

SMS web landing, messages with mobile web link

Our SMS sending service allows you to create mobile web pages ( SMS landing ) from templates and send them linked in the text of the SMS. In this way you can expand the information you transmit to the recipient. You also visually impacted with the image of your company, you create brand image.

Mobile forms can include forms to allow the recipient to respond to the SMS for free. You can also conduct quality or satisfaction surveys easily. You can create contracts and send them to the client to fill in and accept. Consult all the possibilities in the video-tutorials of creation of mobile web.

The quality of the service is maximum

The direct routes of massive SMS transmission by contact Bulk SMS services in Delhi implies the direct connection with the cellular operators of India. When using this type of routes the quality of the service is maximum. This means that all sent messages are delivered to the recipient. In addition, the delivery time is short.

There are cheaper routes that are not direct.

They have low priority so the SMS sent in them can take hours. These types of routes are used by companies that send unwanted advertising (SPAM) because they do not care that the messages reach the recipient. When cellular operators detect these uses, they cut the routes and the messages sent through them do not reach the destination.

You can send messages to any of these countries using your account. In each country, the cost of SMS is different.

Link a mobile website

If you want to overcome the limitation of the 160 characters of an SMS, you can link a mobile website provided by Bulk SMS service provider in Delhi. The Altiria360 platform helps you create mobile webs ( SMS landing ) from templates and include a link in the text of the SMS, all quickly and easily. The recipient of the SMS will click on the link and visit the web you have created. This way you can see your brand image, your corporate colors and expand the SMS information, ideal for mobile web promotion. You can also include a form to receive answers, make satisfaction or quality surveys, sign contracts, etc.